Hi there to to all our happy valued (soon-to-be-engaged) readers.

This blog deals with why it is imperative to plan your engagement well in advance.

Christmas and the End-of-Year holidays are just around the corner – can you believe it!

Particularly so, if you are looking to pop the question any time before Valentine’s Day.





December and February are the busiest periods for people to propose.


This period lends itself to feelings of well being, where one can concentrate on the love of your life.



In a nutshell, the jewellery manufacturing industry comes to a complete halt over the festive season, right up to around the third week in January every year. 

In South Africa, engagement ring giving  traditionally peaks around  Christmas and before Valentines Day.


Manufacturers, like us, close down, over this period

Basically, designing an individual piece of jewellery takes time.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to rather design and order a ring which you have put a lot of thought and personal effort into, instead of purchasing a ready made piece, of which there are many??


 What an achievement to present your future spouse with a ring you have personally and confidently envisaged.


Individuality is key. 


It is also romantic and thoughtful. 



It takes a fair amount of time and planning for us to design and create your engagement ring masterpiece.


Don’t delay and miss the boat! 


With 27 years of expertise, we are very happy to help you create something stunning.


At Italian Wholesale Jewellers, I design in 3D.


You will be able to see your creation before it is made.


Make any changes you may need!


Have absolutely no qualms about exactly what it will  look like. 


And because your ring is made by computer aided design, it leaves no room for error, and you will end up with a perfect piece of jewellery to present to your loved one. 


I will need time to manufacture the ring and set the diamond(s), or whatever gemstone you have chosen, and then polish it to gleaming perfection..  


Think how excited your future spouse is going to be to receive a stunning engagement ring, or even any other piece of jewellery, which you have put so much thought into! 


Once you have decided on your design and left it in our capable hands to manufacture, you will have time to plan your big event. 


Will it be a romantic candlelit dinner for two, or will you surprise your future spouse at a festive party, in front of family and friends? 


Whatever you decide to do, it will be a treasured time of celebration – never to be forgotten!



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