How to get a bigger diamond (and pay less)!

The diamond size is crucial when making the selection of your engagement ring!

So what if it were possible to spend less and still end up with a decent size diamond? 

Well this Insider Insight to selecting your Engagement Ring shows you how to get a bigger looking diamond (and pay less).

AND we can all do with saving some hard earned cash. Right!

Price cut


So let’s jump right in!


Diamonds are priced according to scarcity with larger single stones the most rare.

There are plenty small diamonds mined everyday but the large ones are a lot more scarce.

It follows that the primary price driver is the carat weight – before all other factors.

The international diamond price lists are structured accordingly and diamonds are sold in ever more expensive price groups as the carat weight increases.


10 x 0.10ct round diamonds will not be the same price as a single 1.00ct diamond of equal colour, clarity and cut.

The smaller stones (which are often used to accentuate bigger ones) are the cheapest and as the weight increases the cost per carat increases in a dramatic fashion as you move from one weight group to the next.

You will not get many chances to view diamonds from the side or underneath once they are set in jewellery. For this reason the top view (width) of the diamond is what will be seen most by you when you wear the ring and anyone looking at your hand.

You can read the following example to get a clearer picture.

A well cut 1.00ct diamond will be approximately 6.5mm in width.

An almost identical looking stone (of about the same width) of 6.4mm will weigh around 0.95ct to 0.99ct but will be dramatically lower in price as it is valued at a much lower weight group.

Knowing these weight groups can save you a huge amount of money when selecting your stone – without having to accept a much smaller looking diamond.

Do you have a carat weight you are set on including in your ring?

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