Valentine’s Day Engagements

Valentine's Day Proposal

WHAT IS VALENTINE’S  DAY? Valentine’s Day is most commonly associated with romantic love. Millions and millions of Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year.  Gifts, flowers or simply a single red rose are sent with romantic messages to loved ones Couples spend special time together. It is also a very romantic day to pop the […]


Hi there to to all our happy valued (soon-to-be-engaged) readers. This blog deals with why it is imperative to plan your engagement well in advance. Christmas and the End-of-Year holidays are just around the corner – can you believe it! Particularly so, if you are looking to pop the question any time before Valentine’s Day. […]


Halo engagement ring style

The Halo Engagement Ring style is a long time hottie when it comes to engagement ring styles.

Hailing from the 1920s this design has remained a popular option.

Let us see why…

What Scares You The Most About Selecting Your Engagement Ring?

THE SCARIEST THINGS THAT AFFECT YOUR SELECTING AN ENGAGEMENT RING I am often confronted by wide-eyed folk in my studio who reluctantly blurt out “I am Engagement Ring shopping! Well, my first response is always – “Well that sounds really awesome”. But I can see the dark hooded look under those eyebrows and s ense […]

Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs – 2020

Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Solitaire Engagement Ring Design is a classic and will remain so for time eternal.

This ring style looks fabulous with all diamond shapes.

Consequently, when you get married, it also lends itself to adding any style side bands.

How to get a bigger diamond (and pay less)!

The diamond size is crucial when making the selection of your engagement ring! So what if it were possible to spend less and still end up with a decent size diamond?  Well this Insider Insight to selecting your Engagement Ring shows you how to get a bigger looking diamond (and pay less). AND we can […]

International Diamond Clarity Grade Chart

International Diamond Clarity Grade Chart Diamonds come from deep within the earth in the mantle and are formed under extremely high pressure and temperature. Along the birth process, imperfections are encapsulated inside the diamond and very, very few diamonds are formed totally flawless. The International Diamond Clarity Grade Chart has several categories which are rated […]


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